Pet Systems

Solutions for any pet problem

Césped Artificial Turf supplies Pet Turf solutions for homes and businesses all over the North Dallas area. You can find our products in pet resorts, pet hotels, and dog parks. Our Pet Turf system is designed specifically for heavy to moderate traffic. Our synthetic turf is designed for pets both large and small, so you never have to worry about your lawn being ruined. Each product is made up of green yarns that are reminiscent to those of natural grass with lighter green colors mixed in to enhance its realistic appearance, so your pets will never know the difference!


All of our pet turf products here at Césped Artificial Turf are entirely pet-friendly to ensure a safe, fun, and low-maintenance experience for you and your pets. With artificial turf, there’s no more doggy digging – no more brown spots, mud holes, or buried treasures from your furry friend. Your grass will remain beautifully green and lush all year round. Our pet system also includes the use of a pet-safe infill that will control and neutralize pet waste odors, and our highly-efficient drainage system makes it easy to hose down any liquid waste and keep your yard clean and fresh. Create a perfect pet paradise that’s just as worry-free for you as it is for your pets with DFW Turf Solutions’ pet systems.

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We stand behind the products we use to bring you the best quality of artificial turf on the market. These industry-leading brands offer a 15-year manufacturer warranty that guarantees repair or replacement if your turf develops covered problems. We carry multiple levels of insurance and warranties with every installation so that you can be as worry-free as possible.

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