How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

With the rising cost of lawn maintenance, drainage issues affecting home foundations and water shortages on the horizon, many home owners are looking into replacing sod with artificial turf.

The cost of installing artificial grass can vary greatly due to size of project, access to install area, type of turf needed and other factors. On average, Texan residents will pay between $4,500 and $14,400 for a new artificial grass lawn.

Cesped Artificial Turf Products & Prices

Product Name

Product Price

Atlantic Light


Atlantic Blend


Atlantic Pro


Arctic Light


Arctic Blend


Arctic Pro


Sahara Blend


Sahara Pro


Oasis Blend


Oasis Pro


Bizon Blend


Bizon Pro


Scutch Blend Pro


Scutch Pro


Amalfi Blend


Amalfi Pro


Baja Blend


Baja Blend Elite


Genoa Blend














Soft Blend


Select Blend


Pro Blend


Elite Blend


Platinum Blend


Performance Blend


Tee Blend


Cost of Labor to Install Artificial Lawn Turf?

If you have all of the needed supplies to install the artificial lawn turf, you may still need to hire labor for the installation. This labor would include the cost of excavating the installation area, capping or raising the sprinkler heads, installing the necessary base and infill along with the edging and installing the artificial grass itself. On average, you can expect to pay between $5.50 per square foot and $7.00 per square foot for the cost of labor to install artificial lawn turf.

How Much is Synthetic Grass for Dogs?

There are plenty of synthetic grass options which help prevent odor and bacteria production in turf areas used by dogs. You can select a turf that has been treated with Microban or select an infill called Envirofill that sits just underneath the artificial turf and helps keep things clean and fresh. These options could add between $1.25 per square foot and $3.00 per square foot to the cost of synthetic grass for dogs.

How Much is Artificial Grass per Square Foot in Dallas, TX?

For a complete installation of artificial grass in the Dallas, TX area, the average per square foot cost ranges between $12.00 and $15.00. For smaller projects, most artificial turf installation companies have a minimum job cost around $2,500.

Cost of Synthetic Lawn vs Real Grass?

The cost of sodding a yard in Dallas with real grass versus synthetic lawn is drastically cheaper in the short run. The cost to install 500 square feet of real sod grass is around $700 while the cost to install 500 square feet of synthetic turf is around $6,000.

It’s safe to say that it will cost you ten times more for synthetic turf vs real grass. However, the cost of on-going maintenance for real grass paints a different picture.

For example, if you hire a service to mow, fertilize and treat your lawn for weeds, you can expect to pay an average of $1,500 each year. Compare this to synthetic grass which will cost you almost nothing to maintain and comes with a 12-15 year warranty.

How Much is Artificial Grass for Backyard?

The overall cost of artificial grass will depend on the square footage and other factors previously mentioned. Installing synthetic grass is a great landscaping idea for small backyards or portions of a larger yard. Either way, you can expect to pay around $10,000 on average to install artificial grass in the backyard.


Where to Buy Artificial Turf & Installation in North Dallas?

While you can find many artificial turf installation supplies at your local home improvement store, we would recommend looking for a local Dallas landscaping company who installs artificial turf. These companies would likely have all of the necessary supplies for your turf installation and assist with any new home landscaping at your North Dallas home as well.


If you prefer to hire a professional to do the installation for you, we recommend contacting Main Street Lawn Care and Landscaping as we can purchase commercial grade turf and install it for you with a warranty.

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